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      Three Ways to Help Instill Confidence in Your Child

      No matter how young your child is, you can never instill too much confidence. Here are three ways you can help encourage a positive self-image.

      One of the most important qualities you can instill in your child is a sense of self-confidence. From meeting new friends to trying to achieve a new goal, they’ll need a little guidance along the way. Here are some tips for increasing your little one’s self-esteem.

      Help Them Learn a Few Good Jokes

      Meeting others is part of life. Children will be in situations where they don’t know anyone else as they grow up, from new schools to after-school clubs and even camp. This can be awkward if they have not been in these situations and don’t know how to break the ice. Teach them a few jokes to have up their sleeve, so they feel comfortable joking and making conversation with others, no matter what type of setting they are in. Even better, let them develop their own jokes to try out with new friends. By taking healthy risks, they’ll either learn from their mistakes and grow or use a positive outcome to strengthen their self-esteem.

      Teach Them to Smile

      Fake it until you make it is how the saying goes. Even if your child feels unsure about themselves in a new situation, having a friendly smile and being approachable will go a long way. People of all ages are drawn to someone who is friendly and positive. If your child does not feel confident about how their teeth look when they smile, our orthodontic services can help them feel better when they flash their pearly whites.

      Help Them Be Themselves

      Above all, the most important thing you can teach your child is that they should be themselves. It’s important that they don’t change their thoughts, wants, or beliefs just to make someone else happy. One simple way to help kids be true to themselves is to show it through your actions. By being a positive, confident mirror for your child, you can show them an example of how to be independent and adventurous, ready to face whatever challenges may come their way.

      Although these might seem like easy things to teach, lessons in confidence will stick with your child for a lifetime. The gift of self-confidence is one that will serve them for many years to come. Want to give your little one some extra confidence? Schedule an appointment with Lakeway Orthodontics by calling (512) 263-2993 or Click here to book online. We can help your child achieve a stunning smile that may give them just the confidence they need.