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      Braces with Surgery

      When would surgery be used with braces?

      Surgery and Braces are a great solution for anyone with severe bite issues that involve moving not only the teeth but also the jaws to fix the issues present and deliver a beautiful result. By moving the jaws as well as the teeth during Orthodontic treatment Dr. Bolerjack can improve your smile as well as your facial esthetics! This is great for people that suffer from sleep apnea, severe open bites, severe overbites or underbites, and in certain trauma situations which have deviated the jaws previously creating a bad bite. Another candidate which can benefit from this treatment is anyone with severe TMJ issues.

      How long will it take for surgery and braces?

      The time required for most combined orthodontic and surgical treatments is around 18-30 months with finishing treatment in about 24mo. The number of visits depends on the specific issues present before treatment is started and the complexity of the solution. The Oral Surgeon will also need to see the patients requirirng this treatment at various times during treatment. This can take anywhere from 18-30 visits with most of the orthodontic visits about every 4-6 weeks.

      What are the cost of braces and surgery?

      The cost for this combination treatment is anywhere from $5000-$7000 depending on the severity of orthodontic problems present.


      Surgery with Braces Before & After Photos Case #1
      Surgery with Braces - Case