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      1007 R.R. 620 S Suite 201

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      Hygiene Rewards Program


      We believe that good oral hygiene is an essential part of your orthodontic treatment.  To help you achieve a healthy, cavity-free smile, we have teamed up with your dentist and hygienist to offer you rewards for attending your regular cleanings and dental check-ups throughout your orthodontic treatment.

      New patients are given Hygiene Attendance cards at the beginning of treatment.  Have your hygienist or dentist sign the card during your visit at their office, and bring it with you to Lakeway Orthodontics when you return for your next orthodontic adjustment.  We’ll give you a gift card for a local treat, and enter you to win something bigger.  Twice a year we’ll select one patient’s card from all that have been returned over the previous 6 months.  The patient and their dentist’s office will get a big Thank You reward from Lakeway Orthodontics for helping us promote healthy smiles!