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      Invisalign® vs Braces

      Invisalign® is perfect for anyone that wants to achieve that perfect smile without braces! It can be used for almost any orthodontic patient and is generally a little faster treatment. If you need teeth removed and the space closed then braces are still the better option because of the strength offered from the brackets and wires. Invisalign is great for solving deep bites, rotations, crowding, and is cleaner and less noticeable during treatment. Most of our Invisalign patients are adults but we also offer Invisalign® Teen which has become quite popular and works very well for the self-conscious teen that doesn’t want anyone to notice their teeth becoming straighter.

      How long does Invisalign® take?

      Invisalign® treatment requires less time in most cases than braces and a few less office visits as well! We typically see our Invisalign® patients every 8-10 weeks and they typically have fewer emergency appointments. The average time for treatment for our Invisalign® patients is usually about 16mo. The best part of our Invisalign® treatment is we can make the clear aligners without using impressions since we use a scan of the teeth instead! It is more comfortable for our patients and can make the aligner trays much more accurate than the normal impression system.

      How can I speed up my Invisalign® results?

      Dr. Bolerjack always recommends using aligner chewies for the most accurate and efficient tooth movement while using Invisalign®. These chewies are small cylindrical or flat pieces of rubber that are about the size of a small cotton roll, or about 1.5 inches in length. The chewies help the trays complete 100% of the desired movement so that treatment can be more efficient. We also offer Propel® and Acceledent® for our Invisalign® patients, which greatly speeds up treatment and reduces discomfort. Invisalign® treatment usually requires a few teeth to have extremely small, translucent attachments bonded to the teeth for the trays to perform the desired movements as well. These attachments are about 2-3mm in length and about 1mm wide and very unnoticeable.

      What does Invisalign® cost?

      Invisalign® cost is determined by the Invisalign® company that we use to fabricate the aligners and is different for a variety of specific issues. It can be anywhere from $500 to $8000 depending on what our patient’s would like to accomplish for their smiles. Dr. Bolerjack will review what particular problems are present and how those will be addressed to help you achieve your perfect smile in a realistic manner.



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