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      Traditional Braces

      Will I need regular braces?

      Traditional Braces are typically small metal brackets made of stainless steel or an alloy which can be gold plated for the patients desiring that special effect.

      The brackets or braces we use here at Lakeway Orthodontics are made by 3M, which use the highest in quality standards and product materials. This reliability in our brackets means they are more comfortable, less prone to breakage and deliver better control for more precise results for our patients.

      We understand that time for you and your family is valuable and that’s why we choose to use the highest quality in our bracket choices and materials, so that you will always get the best results possible in the most efficient manner.

      The best candidates for braces are usually anyone with rotated and crowded teeth creating a bad bite. Braces can be stronger than clear aligners like Invisalign which makes them a must for patients requiring removal of teeth and space closure.

      We can treat anyone with an overbite, open bite, severely crowded, surgical/orthodontic combination therapy, needing expansion, kids and adults.

      How long do I have to wear braces for?

      The treatment time for most braces cases is anywhere from 12mo to 4years with most people falling into the 20 month time frame. Everyone’s different needs and bite issues will determine how long the braces need to be worn.

      We typically see patients about every 6-8 weeks and are always available to add appointments for any emergency repairs to the braces. Our patients love coming in to see us and we enjoy being able to update and teach our patients about the changes occurring in their smiles and bites.

      Most of our patients remark how they feel like visiting us is like a trip to a friend’s house! We also try to design treatment so that the least number of visits are required to complete treatment since we understand that your time is important!

      How can I get my braces off sooner?

      We offer Propel® and Acceledent® for patients to speed up the movement of their teeth. Propel® is a system of localized bone stimulation, while in the office, to activate the biological process for tooth movement more efficiently. A series of Propel® treatments are delivered at your normal adjustment visit and are done 2-3 times depending on the specific issue it is being used to speed up. It is primarily for more challenging tooth movements that would normally happen without the stimulation but Propel® can reduce the time required for the movement by up to 40%.

      Acceledent® is a small wafer like mouth piece that is connected to a small handle containing a micropulsing motor. The micropulsations are transferred to the teeth by biting on the mouthpiece and are barely noticeable while the patient is using it. When used 20 minutes a day, everyday, it can reduce the entire treatment time by almost 50%.

      Depending on preference and specific need, both are options for almost every patient.

      How much do braces cost?

      Braces can cost anywhere from $2000 to $6500 depending on the particular orthodontic issue and/or concerns our patients have. Dr. Bolerjack will do a thorough exam in order to determine what orthodontic issues and problems exist and then discuss your concerns and preferences before recommending the best treatment options for you. This helps to establish a tretament plan that is right for you and addresses all of your concerns before stating treatment so that you get the smile of your dreams!


      Traditional Braces Before & After Photos Case #1
      Traditional Braces - Case #1
      Traditional Braces Before & After Photos Case #2
      Traditional Braces - Case #2
      Traditional Braces Before & After Photos Case #3
      Traditional Braces - Case #3
      Traditional Braces Before & After Photos Case #4
      Traditional Braces - Case #4
      Traditional Braces Before & After Photos Case #5
      Traditional Braces - Case #5